Collaboration AI


External collaboration

At Aalborg University we strongly believe that our research should be benefitting the society and collaborations with private and public entities are therefore at the very core of the DNA at Aalborg University (AAU). This is underlined by for example the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) that has named AAU as being the best university in Denmark in terms of collaborating with the corporate world. When it comes to AI, collaborations are perhaps even more important since AI technologies are developing with exponential speed and are penetrating more and more aspects of our society. Many Danish companies are therefore in dire need of understanding what AI is and how they can make the transition into being an AI/data-driven organization. At the same time, a number of new ethico-legal aspects emerge as the technologies are implemented leaving policymakers etc. in need of understanding AI and its pros and cons. AAU can and will assist with these issues, and we are therefore very open to collaborations in whatever form is necessary. This could be brief Q&A meetings, over upgrade of staff members to joined R&D projects. Reach out and let us together find out how we can best collaborate.

Internal collaboration

Traditionally, AI technologies have mainly been used in a few research groups scattered across the faculties. In recent years, many more research groups across the university have realized that AI technologies may help boost their research activities. However, a lack of knowledge and competences in local research groups hinder this. The center therefore wants to help by increasing the competence levels across the entire university. Concrete this is done by fostering and financing so-called Bridging projects, where AI experts collaborate with none AI experts regarding a specific topic from the research field of the none AI experts’ domain. Bridging projects can also be opposite in the sense that ethical experts collaborate with none ethical experts in order to increase the level of awareness and competences regarding ethics and its implications in connection to AI technologies. Below the current and previous Bridging projects are listed. If you have an idea/interest in a new Bridging project, please reach out to your faculty representative in the Center’s steering committee.